Monday, December 08, 2008

2 years to change

I'm 2 years to 30
I make under 50k
I owe 1/4 of my income in credit card debt
I have very little savings, and keep dipping into it
I'm over 10 pounds overweight, I've lost more before but this I gained back
I have a history of depression
and the self-confidence that goes with all the above

These are the things I want to change.

Well not the age thing, I can't help that but by the time I'm 30 I want the others to be in check. These are all things that I know how to control, I've been in good standing before though I won't make excuses for how I got into this mess, simply, its time to get out of it.

The things I don't want to change:
I live in a big expensive city
I have my own small apartment in an area I like
I have a fairly social party-driven life
I'm probably working on an art project for next year that may cost me some $ to pull off

The things I wouldn't mind changing:
I'm single and have been for some time
I'd like to be a better friend, daughter and sister
I have a fairly low impact on the environment for someone of my stats but want it lower

I'd like to hit my 30s running and I want to do it while still enjoying these next 2 years. I think I can be green, frugal, fit, confident and social

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