Wednesday, April 04, 2007


I haven't kept up with this blog the way I meant to, nor have I kept up well with a number of the goals I listed. Yet, there have been improvements and I have not completely failed.

Some small things that have changed or held out:
- While my relationship with the gym can be on-again, off-again it has not broken apart.
- I stopped using the foam cups or single-use plastic thingies of tea. I do still use the break-room tea things sometimes but when I do I put it into my own tea strainer which will get 3-4 times as much tea out of it.
- I also brought a very large thing to keep water in to increase my water drinking.
- I have gotten my bike ready for use again.
- I am going out to walk during lunch in the sunlight most days rather than sitting at my desk.
- I am walking to a further away but faster train to/from work rather than taking the closer but slower trip most days. (in the end the trip time is the same)
- I often walk to the library during lunch, its at the outer reaches of my viable lunch-hour range so I only have a few minutes there but its cutting down my purchases of books/videos again and allowing me to order books that I wouldn't normally buy on things that will encourage helfullness and environmentalism in me.

Some things I've failed at:
- I really need to be more consistent with bringing my lunch.
- Consistent gym use and 'ramping it up'
- Drinking a little less
- Making any measurable improvements in weight/size or fitness
- Making any additional changes to reduce my impact.
- I'm still having binges where I eat far too much some evening and weekend days, the result is that I'm holding myself back.

Some things that are in my favor now with the warmer weather:
- No heating is being used, space heater never goes on
- I have fewer excuses not to use my bike for getting around
- Going out for a walk during lunch is more pleasant. Besides exercise I get chores done.
- The farmer's market next to work is starting to flesh out again. I love apples but I'm getting a little tired of them now.
- With summer come some good dates and events to use as goals.

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