Sunday, December 31, 2006

An Introduction

This is a blog about making and creating changes.

... And of course starting it on the eve of a new year screams failed resolutions. Yet it also whispers 'new beginings'. Though I don't believe either to be true I admit I love the symbolism. The date is partly coincidence, as this blog has been planned for some time and visiting family for the holidays has done its part in reminding me how easy it is to let slip the person I choose to be, the person I am.

So let me introduce:

I am a single young woman, 26 in fact. I live in New York City and am still very much trying to 'make it'. I have roommates and a busy corporate job.
I enjoy partying and do quite a bit of it, in fact I'd prefer to do more. I want a nice apartment, I want to be pretty(er), I do like pretty things. I am also vegan, I am an environmentalist, a feminist, a humanist, a pacifist. I want to lower my impact on the world, to put more effort into helping people

There lies the contradiction:
- I want the 'good life'
- I want to be frugal, to save money, erase debt
- I want to loose weight and exercise consistently
- I want to reinforce my vegan lifestyle
- I want to become more socially and enviromentally active
- I want to be politically aware and thoughtful
- I want to be as healthy as I can be
- I want to be as devistatingly gorgeous as I can be
- I want nice clothes
- I want to see more of everything (the world, art, etc)
- I want to continue to party
- I want to continue to meet more people I relate to

I am told that these things are incompatable. I can't save money, and party, and be healthy, and be ethical and hold my job and loose weight... and be the lazy, lazy person I am at heart. Or can I? I believe that with a little creativity these things can all go hand in hand.

In this blog I hope to:
- post my experiments with natural and vegan products (clothing, cosmetics, food, cleaning supplies)
- experiments with homemade products
- reviews of books and films, specifically relating to these subject
- a few meal ideas and recipes
- thoughts and ideas on being a single vegan/idealist
- thoughts and ideas for working in the corporate world
- tips and experiments on living frugally without being a scrooge
- beauty experiments
- explorations on health and fitness
- connect to healthy weight loss articles

I want to be an undercover hippie. I want to be a pretty hippie. I want to have it all.

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